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Basil Plus Olive LLC

Sugar + Spice Box

Sugar + Spice Box

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Sweet & Salty Lovers this one's for you! The best thing about each item we include, clean ingredients!

Almond butter: Original Spice Almond butter offers a sumptuous flavor profile that has notes of sweet cinnamon, orange zest, and a little kick of cayenne. It is great slathered on your favorite toast, topped on oatmeal, drizzled on vanilla ice cream or eaten straight out of the jar. Crafted will all natural ingredients and no added oils ever!

Coffee chocolate: Coffee chocolate almonds are made with single origin coffee beans and rich Dutch processed coca powder, giving you just the right amount of chocolatey pick me up. They are great devoured on their own or make excellent accomplices to ice cream, yogurt, and oatmeal.

Cinnamon Honey: Spread  over toast, stir into oatmeal or yogurt or drizzle over baked brie, stir into coffee or chai tea, create a spiked apple cider or pumpkin spiced latte, spiced vanilla cheesecake, cinnamon spiced honey and pomegranate puff pastry, candied bacon, drizzle over apple slices// Raw Drizzle Honey, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Cloves, Organic Nutmeg, Organic Allspice

Each Box includes:

1 Bag Coffee Chocolate Almonds

1 Almond Nut Butter in Original Spice Flavor

1 Box Rustic Bakery Cocoa Cookies (THE BEST CHOCOLATE SHORTBREAD EVER)

1 Chocolate Bar

1 Bag Chocolate Covered Dried Oranges

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