We believe loves starts in the Kitchen.. because Nana + Nanu taught us so.

Every brand in our shop is intentionally picked, meaning we personally love & use each item.

Olive Wood. Our luxurious tried & true, love in the Kitchen. Not only is it gorgeous- this wood is so dense, it's basically stain proof & naturally antibacterial. Did we mention it's our favorite?

  • Pasta from Italy

    Have you ever heard someone say they can eat all the pasta & never get a stomach ache in Italy? You will taste & feel the difference in this pasta. Gluten free option also available, yes it's incredible.

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  • About Me & My Family

    This picture was the inspiration behind it all. Louie + Fay Marcuzzo, or as everyone else called them, Nana & Nanu. You will see their signatures on our spices & canned goods.

  • Louie + Fay Olives

    It's no secret we love all things food & entertaining around here! Our Louie + Fay Olives are the perfect addition to your salad or of course a must have on your next cheese board.

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