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Occo Spices - Single Use Pods

Occo Spices - Single Use Pods

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Occo single-
serving spice pods give you fresh + premium flavor every time. They are 
pre-measured, 100% recyclable*, and light and convenient for any occasion. I use these for cooking & marinades but I also love using these for salad dressing! 

calabrian chile -Salty, bright, and slightly acidic, the subtle heat of this chile feels more like a glow than a burn. Adds a flavorful kick to any dish without overwhelming the other tastes.

California garlic powder - Pungent and spicy at first, the flavor mellows and sweetens considerably as it cooks. Great for garlic bread, dry rubs, or anywhere you need a quick hit of garlicky goodness.

chives - Herbal and garlicky, with a tangy onion-like scent that feels both heady and fresh. Iconic as a garnish, they're also wonderful in rubs, marinades, and dressings.

dill weed - Grassy, bold, and aromatic, with a slight hint of licorice. Absolutely essential to pickled cucumbers, it also pairs well with fish, chicken, cheeses, and fresh veggies.

Mediterranean oregano - An aromatic, peppery, slightly hot essence blends with an herbal sweetness in this classically bold oregano flavor that's most commonly associated with Italian cuisine.

parsley - A summery flavor that's vibrant and fresh, with an earthy grassiness that edges on petrichor, the smell of earth after the first big rain following a dry spell.

sweet basil - Delicate, floral, and slightly sweet. One of the most popular basil varieties, it's the key ingredient in traditional Italian pesto and a host of other classics.

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