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Basil Plus Olive LLC

Cowgirl Chocolate Bar Trio

Cowgirl Chocolate Bar Trio

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We love these chocolates not only for the packaging, but because the ingredients are so simple! 1 oz bar 

organic cacao bean, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, sea salt.

Alderwood//The salt opens your palate, and rich dark chocolate with just a hint of alderwood smoke waltzes right in. 70% cacao bar sprinkled with just enough alderwood smoked salt to remind you of campfires and good times.

Hazelnut//We make our own hazelnut butter with the world’s finest Pacific Northwest hazelnuts, then grind it with dark chocolate for the richest chocolate-hazelnut experience around. This bar is nutty and creamy and is the favorite bar of our staff. Our Bonnie line is made with 50% raw & 50% roasted cacao for a smooth & toasty flavor.

Habanero//Are you on a beach in Mexico, drinking tequila at a bonfire? Or is that just our Habanero Salt Bar playing tricks on your imagination? 70% dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt and just enough spice to make sure you’re paying attention.

pending shipping destination we may have to ship with ice pack & on specific days pending weather- we will send you an email after your order is placed! 

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